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Top 6 Nightlife Spots in Moscow

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They say that Moscow is a city of contrast... and that contrast is extra visible when the sun goes down and the night life in Third Rome begins to rumble. From seductive elite strip clubs to huge rock ‘n’ roll dance halls, night life in Moscow is a unique bouquet of different sorts of entertainment that can suit the most sophisticated tastes and different wallet sizes.

So what are we waiting for?! Let's begin the virtual tour of the best night places in Moscow and help you decide the perfect place to spend this evening partying "like a Russian"!

Rolling Stone Bar

Two words: thrilling old-school

Address: Bologna embankment, 3, bld.1. Stations Kropotkinskaya, Polyanka

Working hours: Friday through Sunday 6PM–7AM, Weekdays 6PM–1AM

Rolling Stone Bar party
Rolling Stone Bar

The Rolling Stone Bar opened in 2009 and immediately became a huge success among the Russian youth and guests of the capital. It is situated at the heart of evening events, the Moscow Party Island, Krasnyy Oktyabr (Red October), giving its guests the opportunity to contemplate the architectural wonders of Moscow right from the dance floor. Now ain't that a treat?  Officially named after the notable magazine "Rolling Stone", this Bar truly continues the spirit of old-school dancing traditions. The best part is that there is no entrance fee!

            The Bar itself has three floors, each devoted to a specific way to spend your time. For example, the first floor is the actual bar.  It’s the perfect place to sit back with your friends over a few cocktails and listen to live music, usually performed on Friday and Saturday. The prices for alcohol are not so cheap though: A Long Island or Mojito costs 750 roubles (〜13 USD), vodka – 150 roubles (〜3 USD),  Cuba Libre – 450 roubles  (〜6 USD),  rum and tequila – 350  roubles (〜4  USD).  Your average check is estimated to be about 1300 to 1800 roubles  (〜 32 USD). For those who prefer not to take cash with them, there’s good news: Rolling Stone Bar accepts Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

            You’ve had a couple of shots and your inner dancer is ready to be unleashed? Don’t worry! By midnight (Friday through Sunday) the doors to the second floor are opened, and that’s where the actual party begins. The dance floor gets hot and crowded around 1-2 am, so hot and crowded, that young ladies are ready to climb onto the bar counters and jam up there to House, Hard Rock and Pop music. When you’re so tired you’re ready to drop and the only thing on your mind is some cool air, don’t hurry downstairs to rush outside: set yourself on a quest to find a staircase that leads to the open veranda. The search may take a while, but it’s totally worth it. The Rolling Stone Bar veranda is widely known for its miraculous views.


Tip: be sure to remember that at almost every club in Moscow climbing the bar counters is the privilege of women only. The fine for men being on the counters can cost up to 3000 roubles.


            Perhaps there are some people in your company that are too shy to dance, or like to sit back and enjoy watching others showing off their dance moves? The Rolling Stone Bar is suitable for such guests as well. Your comrades can relax by the bar and the comfortable tables on the second floor (the tables require reservation), or they can move on to the VIP zone which is situated on the third floor (requires reservation as well).

Call (495) 504-09-32 to make a reservation right now!


Get ready for the glamour party of a lifetime

Address: Bolotnaya Embankment, 9, bld. 1. Stations Kropotkinskaya, Polyanka

Working hours: Friday 11PM–6:30AM, Saturday 11PM–6:30AM

ICON Club Dance

Fine alcohol, gorgeous looking Russian ladies, exquisite gentlemen, pathos, 10 out of 10 quality service and the greatest pop music hits (according to the Europe Plus radio station) – that’s the definition of the next night party palace, “ICON”. This club is widely recognized as the meeting spot for the crème de la crème of Moscow’s golden youth. The atmosphere of pure glamour, grand fashion, elite partying and spectacular shows are what ICON is known and respected for.

         The “Mecca for Clubbers” is one of the largest clubs in Moscow: it covers an area of 4000 square meters, which is divided into three sections: ICON bar, ICON club, and ICON hall. This trio can hold up to 2,500 people, and each differs from the other by the atmosphere it holds and the ideology it believes in. But, of course, ICON’s calling card is the club itself, which has hosted terrific audiences and amazing artists such as the famous Russian singers Basta, Natalie and even American rapper and songwriter Snoop Dogg!

         The kitchen and bar menu suit tastes of different sorts: classic hookahs, Japanese, Russian and European cuisine, splendid cocktails – you name it! The average check here is about 3500-4000 roubles (〜65 USD), but you can be sure that the time you spend at ICON is totally worth the price.

         There is usually no entrance fee at ICON, however there is a chance that the strict security at the door may ask you to bring in a deposit of 3500 roubles (〜60 USD for three people) in order to get inside if for some reason your appearance is considered unsatisfying (so make sure to look your best) or your party is completely male.

         ICON club is a very foreign-friendly place, so if you’re young and you enjoy glamorous parties dial 8 (495) 364-01-01 for further information.


Tip: in order to avoid long lines make sure you get to the club 20-30 minutes before the busy times.


Artistic, hipster and controversial

Address: Nijnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, bld. 7 Stations Kurskaya, Chkalovskaya

Working hours: Monday – Thursday  11AM - 10PM, Friday, Saturday – Sunday   11 AM - 9AM, 

RODNYA Artistic hipster and controversial

When you look up the RODNYA club on the web, the results seem rather… controversial. Google and TripAdvisor rate this place 4.8 out of 5! That’s the highest rating in our club selection. Meanwhile RODNYA’s Facebook page has quite a large number of negative comments. In fact, if you look through the reviews, the customers are either blooming with ecstasy or in a devastating shock. For people who are in search for the perfect place to party, this controversy seems rather fishy, and RODNYA is regularly passed over. We couldn’t ignore such a juicy mystery and decided to solve this enigmatic puzzle.

            Once a tiny architectural studio, then a humble movie club, RODNYA functioned as a small part of the huge ARTPLAY Centre of Design complex, and was known only by the inner circles of the bohemian society. But by 2015 RODNYA evolved into a unique cultural hotspot: during the day the club functions as an academic art classroom, exhibition gallery, design studio, lection hall and showroom. If you’re visiting the ARTPLAY exhibitions, you can stop by RODNYA’s greek café, Sito, for lunch, open on weekdays from noon till 10:00PM. The menu isn’t large, however the prices are very reasonable: a meat kebab costs 500 roubles (〜9 USD), chicken soup – 200 roubles (〜3 USD), Greek salad – 250 roubles (4 USD).

            The daytime image of the club has everyone believing that the RODNYA night club is an exquisite and elite dancing hall. But that’s where expectations don’t exactly meet reality! RODNYA doesn’t focus on popular music nor glamourous parties, instead their focus is on progressive techno and electric genres, and the crowd (mostly hipsters) is very open-minded towards alcohol alternatives. The club has two dance floors on each level with two DJ’s, which is a very original solution to the “I-don’t-like-the-music” problem. The prices for alcohol are slightly above moderate – the average check is estimated to be about 2000 roubles (

            RODNYA regularly hosts different disc jockeys, from famous and well-established to experimenting rookies, making every party a special evening event, a warm-atmosphere-gathering for the adherents and advocates of techno and experimental music. If you’re ready to move on from mainstream partying, then RODNYA night club is the best place to start.

Golden Girls

Forget everything you knew about passionate pleasures

Address: 3rd street of Yamskogo Polya, 15 Belorusskaya station

Working hours: Monday – Saturday  10PM - 5AM

Golden Girls passionate pleasure

I was once sitting with an Australian acquaintance over a cup of coffee, ardently discussing the peculiarity of foreign beauty standards. We were completely consumed by the topic for hours, and just when I thought that we’d reached the culmination, my friend stopped for a moment, looking completely perplexed, and asked me with sheer curiosity: “I don’t get it: why do you even care about this subject? You’re half Russian, and that already makes you beautiful in the eyes of all foreign guys!”

            My jaw dropped down. I pulled myself together and asked whether this was a joke. “A joke?! – my friend laughed. -  Sister, back in Aussie Russian ladies are considered the most beautiful women on Earth. Being Russian is a beauty standard everyone in the world can agree on!”

            But is it true? Are Russian women the most beautiful women on the planet? The two top-rated strip-clubs in Russia’s capital, the sensational GoldenGirls and the fiery Burlesque, answer this question with a confident YES. Each actress in these two clubs is a seductive divine nymph, each is proud to treat gentlemen like Gods and each is burning with tempting desire to bring all your wildest fantasies into reality. How? Let’s take a look!

            If you’re looking for an absolutely royal atmosphere, electric twilight of different shades of gold, luxurious interior and steaming-hot professional dancers then GoldenGirls strip-club is the perfect place for you. The club has won numerous prestigious international awards and it’s actually a big business partner of the legendary PlayBoy!

            The entrance fee without a reservation costs 4000 roubles per person (〜69 USD), for which you get two chips worth 2 private dances from any actress in the club. But… if you feel that the staff has more dancing potential than the actresses on the shining stage, you can order a tempting dance from your sexy waitress or the juicy bar-lady, completely nude, with the help of the “Crazy Menu”. This “exceptional service card” is really something! Where else can you order things like a “lesbian show on your table” or an “orgy with the guest on stage”? Why, you can even change the name of club if you have the cash! Every two weeks on Thursdays and Fridays GoldenGirls treat their guests with themed parties, which never repeat. So, if you go to a GoldenGirls party, you can be sure that it’s exclusive.      

            Apart from having a wide variety of beautiful women, the club offers a huge variety of alcohol: rum and tequila cost 590 roubles (〜10 USD for 50ml), Armenian cognac – 690 roubles (〜12 USD for 50ml), whiskey - 1290 roubles (22 USD for 50ml). On the average, guests spend about 30.000 roubles (〜500 USD). The sum seems impressive, but we all know that quality entertainment is worth the extra price.

            There’s good news for those who wish to experience a thrill from dancing divas on stage without paying the entrance fee: on Mondays the club works without an entrance fee. Just keep in mind that you have to be over 21 to enter.

            To make a reservation and familiarize yourself with the rules of the club call +7 (495) 357-52-94. The managers will be delighted to answer all your questions!


From Russia with love!

Address: Komsomolskiy prospekt, 28 Station Frunzenskaya

Working hours: Monday – Tursday, Sunday   9PM- 6AM Friday – Saturday   9PM – 7AM

Burlesque From Russia with love

What’s the first thing you picture when you hear the word “Burlesque”? Is it shining neon lights, dazzling girls in fabulous and explicit costumes? Or is strident and brassy music with a spectacular show? The strip-club “Burlesque” has created an absolute masterpiece of entertainment with all of the ingredients listed above. Best of all, this masterpiece was made with love!

            Just like GoldenGirls, “Burlesque”, is a double-decker club, which emphasizes it’s rank with fabulous looking ladies, fine alcohol, 36 types of Tobacco for hookah, and an interior designed in a neon-high-tech style. In “Burlesque”, every day is a show: girls sincerely enjoy changing outfits, performing movements of pure flexibility, and teasing men’s imaginations with dances that define the word “seduction”. Shower performances, Japanese and European cuisine, themed parties – all of this with an entrance fee of 1500 roubles (〜25 USD). The prices here are reasonable for a strip club: hookahs cost around 2000 roubles (〜35 USD), open bar – 2000 roubles (〜35 USD), rum – 445 roubles (〜8 USD for 40ml), Long Island – 750 roubles (〜12 USD), Philadelphia rolls – 895 roubles (〜15 USD). The average check is approximately 8000 roubles (〜140 USD). And don’t forget the exclusive offers the club has: every Monday all hookahs are at a discount of 50 percent, on Tuesday Whiskey Chivas of all sorts are at a 50 percent discount.

            The “special service card” is not as rich and wild as in GoldenGirls, however “Burlesque” has one special feature that distinguishes it from any other club: themed private rooms. If you’re looking for true embodiment of your wild fantasies in a limo, the gym, an airplane, a BDSM room or even at the beach, “Burlesque” can make your dreams come true! This original concept makes the club stand out from the crowd, and earned it the “concept of the year” award. 

            The pleasant thing about “Burlesque” is that the club’s atmosphere is warm to every single guest: nobody’s going to give you sidelong glances if you come here with a big company of men and women, or even with your girlfriend. So why not give “Burlesque” a try and let it thrill you with every sexy feature it can offer? Reservations can be made by phone at +7 (495) 921-45-07.


Curious and not for everyone.

Address: Pyatnitskaya street, 62, bld. 3 Station Dobryninskaya

Working hours: Thursday – Saturday   11AM – 6AM Sunday – Wednesday  11AM – 12AM

Jiga Dryiga Bar Moscow

In the dim twilight of Moscow’s streets, it’s hard to even believe that the small inconspicuous building, standing in the shade of the city and brightened by queer and fancy lanterns, hosts a real cosy Wonderland. It’s no surprise that most of Moscow’s guests miss the joy of visiting “Jiga-Dryiga”: the absence of luxurious signboards and grand entrances is commonly read as the absence of quality. But that’s an opinion “Jiga” doesn’t deserve.

         Yes, it’s true: the bar doesn’t offer hookah, neither does it have big couches, delicacies and a flirty bar-lady. Instead “Jiga” treats its guests with a very homely, warm atmosphere with fine alcohol and very fine prices (a combination very rare these days). The average check usually doesn’t go over 1000 roubles (〜18 USD). The bar's main financial treats are the special offers they have every Monday (9 shots go for 900 roubles) and every Thursday (2 cocktails go for the price of one).

         The cocktail card and the menu is a true wonder: apart from regular drinks and shots there are special "extreme" potions for 450 roubles (〜8 USD) , like "Maleficent" (Sambuka, sparkling wine, blue curaçao, blackberry syrup) and the "White Rabbit" (vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, sparkling wine). Unlike in other bars, the food in “Jiga-Dryiga” is way better than average. The range isn’t huge, but people commonly stop by to have breakfast or filling lunches with their friends and even families.

         The small homely bar, named after the Mad Hatter’s famous “Futterwacken” dance, makes sure their guests would feel as if they’ve travelled to Wonderland: the windows are sealed with chains and purple lanterns, the walls are decorated with beautiful graffiti-art, and there’s even a big sculpture of the Queen of Hearts.

         If you like the bar (and I’m most sure you will) and you’re thinking about getting a souvenir, “Jiga” offers a contest that bewilders the most battle-seasoned minds: if you challenge yourself and survive after drinking a special set of 15 shots, you’ll earn respect and an original T-shirt!

         “Jiga-Dryiga” is one of those small and authentic local places which isn’t widely known to foreigners and the glamourous public, but it has that homely spark, an atmosphere of pure friendship, for which friends and small fellowships cherish this truly wonderful bar. It’s a place where you can discover the Russian soul and investigate the Russian character from inside out. And isn’t that what traveling is all about? 

All average checks are estimated for one persona.

Anabella Kamigaki 

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Top 6 Nightlife Spots in Moscow
The Best Nightlife Spots in Moscow

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