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Top Places to Visit in Rostov-on-Don

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       Rostov-on-Don is one of the largest cities in Russia. Due to its geographical position, the city has absorbed the culture and traditions of different peoples. On the one side, there is the North Caucasus and Stavropol Krai, on the other, the Krasnodar Krai and Ukraine. Lately, Rostov has been attracting a growing number of tourists. The city’s airport accepts international flights, which is why it is most convenient to start your journey in the South of Russia from here.

The City's Quay

Rostov Quay Girl

In every city all the tourist routes usually start from its center, but it is best to begin your acquaintance with Rostov-on-Don from the quay. The quay embodies the city’s environment and its vibe like nothing else.

During summer it is probably the most pleasant place for a walk. There is a lot of greenery, floating restaurants and recreational areas around.

In the evening, you can watch the street dancers and performances by musical bands. You can hear music playing from the clubs and docked ships, and there is a general atmosphere of fun and celebration everywhere.

As you move along the quay, the people become fewer and the music becomes quieter. You can sit in a peaceful atmosphere and look at the stars and water.

And of course from the quay you can go on one of the

Don River Boat Cruises

Rostov Quay

As you sail, you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the coastal part of Don, and admire the green shores and the cozy lost villages.  With its excellent service, the ship will make your walk as comfortable as possible.  If you have already seen plenty of the city's beauty during the day and you want to have a little fun, then you can go for a walk at night, combining the club atmosphere with peaceful silence, and enjoy the colorful dawn at the end of it.

These river cruises go to many interesting places near Rostov.

For example, you can visit

The Starocherkasskaya Village (Stanitsa), The Don Cossacks Stronghold

Don Cossacks

A stanitsa is a unique phenomenon and is only found in the south of Russia. It is a settlement founded by Cossacks.

Cossacks are an ethnic group that settled on the territory of the Don region. Unlike the other peoples of Russia, they developed separately from the state and had their own law and order. They had their own army and a system of self-government. As a result, their way of life and customs are closely connected with military affairs. From their childhood Cossacks learn how to ride and hold a sword. To this day, the inhabitants of the stanitsa try to preserve their culture and show their lifestyle to everyone interested!

The best time to visit the stanitsa is summer. You can take relax by the river, go fishing, or admire the local churches and cathedrals. There are also a lot of different traditional folk festivals and all kinds of celebrations. You can try the traditional Don fish broth, practice horseback riding and plunge into the everyday life and traditions of Cossacks. You can even stay at a hotel, built in the style of an 18th century inn.

Golf Country Club

Golf Country Club Rostov on Don

And you can also play golf there! There is a beautiful golf course nearby, with spacious green meadows and a view of the Don River. It was quite odd to build a golf course near the Cossack stanitsa. The plans for this course was developed by a German firm which had built more than 130 golf courses around the world. The game will allow you to relax and appreciate the beauty of the Don Steppe.

Freedom and open spaces are the things that unite golf and Cossacks!


After your game don't rush to leave the area.  There are plenty of interesting places to visit, for example

Aksaiskiy Military Historical Museum

Aksaiskiy Military Historical Museum

The museum opened not so long ago, and it is an outdoor site where you can take a look at tanks, self-propelled guns, infantry fighting vehicles and other types of military equipment. Unlike in museums, you can touch and even climb inside some of these exhibits! This place is also interesting because of the network of catacombs underneath it, and its underground hangars and bunkers.

They were built at different times, but mostly after the Great Patriotic War. Some of them were designed for nuclear war, others for ammunition storage, and some for underground tests.

The underground tunnel researchers say that hundreds of underpasses lay in the area of this military history complex. However, it is not possible to fully explore all of them, because many of the underpasses have been blocked with rocks or sealed shut.

The bunkers and catacombs are open to the visitors of the museum, so you can go down and see how it all works, and even go on a tour there.

A completely unremarkable hill on the territory of the complex happens to be an underground ammunition storage facility! Such an adventure would be fun for both adults and children, and everyone would find something interesting there.


Those who want to learn a little about the history of these lands should turn their attention to

A Fortress With A Customs Outpost From The XVIII Century,

another historical complex.

It is a fortification structure made of earth. In fact, it is a soil fortress, located mostly underground. Today, there are few such monuments of military architecture left, and a walk through this fortress will definitely inspire your interest. There are still chains and shackles in the prisoners’ cells, from where you can sometimes hear odd noises and screams, and there are cannons with neatly stacked cannonballs beside. All this gives the place an atmosphere of mystery and mysticism.


But let's go back to the center of Rostov, to the

Theater Square

Theater Square Rostov on Don

All the most significant city events, whether it is a City Day, a concert, or a Victory Day celebration, happen here. In the center of the square is a very symbolic monument. It is a stone pillar constructed in honor of the liberators of the city from the invaders during the Great Patriotic War. Nearby is THE ROSTOV ACADEMIC DRAMA THEATER OF GORKIY, which resembles a tractor as a model of the USSR's architectural constructivism. There's a peaceful park, and a recently built, comfortable Ferris wheel, from which you can see the city both day and night. At night, colorful lights ignite the Theater Square, making it look even more beautiful. Make sure to take a picture at night, with the theater and the Ferris wheel as your backdrop. It will look spectacular!

In Rostov-on-Don, the center of the city is arranged in such a way that all the important places are close to each other. So from the Theater Square you can walk along Sadovaya street, and there you will find a musical theater that looks like a grand piano! In the theater you can enjoy opera, ballet, and other performances. The big concert hall with one of the best stages in Russia will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

If you need to stay overnight, you can stay at

Don Plaza Congress Hotel,

which is located right next to the musical theater. This is one of the best premium class hotels, with helpful staff, spacious, comfortable rooms, and quality service. The hotel has a wide range of services. You can go to the spa, gym, the Amadeus lobby bar, the Min Herz restaurant, and the men's Hypnosis club.

Hotel staff will help you resolve any issues that arise during your stay, whether you need help booking tickets or with translating documents.

For an additional charge, the hotel can arrange a car with a driver for you, as well as a Ferretti 530 yacht that can fit 8 people.

With all this, it’s no wonder the hotel has won a lot of prestigious awards, and was awarded four stars for its quality of service.


Another place that would surprise you with pleasant service and southern hospitality is a restaurant with a splendid name: ROSTOV-PAPA

 From the menu you can order traditional Don cuisine, as well as typical European dishes.


And finally, to reflect on all of your impressions from the city, you should reconnect with nature and visit

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden Rostov

This garden has existed for more than 80 years, and holds plants from different climatic zones, in particular from the tropics and subtropics. You will have an opportunity to look at the flora from Asia, Africa, America, and even Australia, all neatly gathered in one place.

There is also a rare mineral spring on the garden territory, recognized as an Orthodox shrine. Its water contains many useful substances, and all visitors use it to satisfy their thirst.

The area of this living corner of the city is about 160 hectares. With such a big area, it is definitely a good place to take a walk, especially on horseback, accompanied by a tour guide, who will tell you all about its plants and show them to you.

All of these are places that you will fall in love with, and make you want to explore the southern part of Russia even further.

Artur Selimov

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Top Places to Visit in Rostov-on-Don

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