Kaliningrad – Yantarny twp. – Svetlogorsk – Neman – Sovetsk – Curonian Spit

8 Days and 7 nights
Tour Program:


Day 1
When you arrive in Kaliningrad, you have to get to the hotel yourself. Hotel check-in starts at 2 pm. For an additional charge you can check in earlier.
You should discuss your transfer with the tour operator in advance.
The first day in town is entirely yours.


Day 2
After breakfast you have an Amber Beach tour and a visit to Yantarny village. 90% of the world’s amber is located in this unique location. Admire the view of the quarry where amber is extracted from a height of 60 meters. You will get to take home some amber and have a chance to participate in the quarrying. You will then receive the “Amber Prospector” Diploma.
A new excursion add-on is a visit to the dinosaur hall. You will travel back in time to 60 million years ago, when the Baltic amber was formed in Kaliningrad Oblast, and dinosaurs still walked the earth. You will see the “Pygmalion” Amber Bowl, worth 24 million rubles.
Then you will explore the Svetlogorsk sights. Visit 10 main attractions: the Svetlogorsk quay, the Water tower, Tikhoe Lake, Sun Clock Zodiak, the St. Seraphim of Sarov temple, the Icon of Our Lady of All Who Sorrow Church, Mediaeval Konigsberg miniature, Nimfa, Wassertragerin and the Tsarevna-Lyagushka sculptures.
You will also have an opportunity to take the cable car up and fully enjoy the sights.
Next, you will have some free time to buy souvenirs and have lunch.
Then you will return to the hotel.

Day 3
The morning starts with breakfast at the hotel, followed by a big “Koenigsberg City Fortress” tour. The guide will tell you about the founding of the city of Koenigsberg and its transformation into an impregnable city fortress.
A fascinating tour of all the city’s defensive fortifications includes a visit to the Bunker Museum. The Bunker Museum is located in a bunker, from which General Otto van Lasch led the city’s defense in April 1945.
You will visit Fort №5, built in the late 19th century. It is a part of the Königsberg fortifications belt. The defensive belt of the forts around the former Königsberg is one of the main attractions in Kaliningrad. If you haven’t seen the forts, you haven’t seen Kaliningrad at all! The fort is named in honor of the King of Prussia, Frederick Wilhelm III (1770-1848), who was the head of the state during the war with Napoleon.
You will also have a unique opportunity to visit Fort №11. The original fortification mechanisms from the times of its construction, which you can touch, are preserved and are still operational here!
After such a busy day, we will go back to the hotel.

Day 4
“The city of cheese and the world” tour. Visits to such historic sites as: Neman, Sovetsk, Queen Louise’s Bridge, a house in which the Russian Emperor Alexander I stayed, and the Sovetsk city museum in which you will learn about Napoleon and the Treaties of Tilsit.
You will have free time to walk and eat.
Then you will visit the Ragnit Castle ruins. While walking through the city of Neman, you will visit the “Deutsches Haus” cheese dairy factory, where you will participate in a cheese-making workshop and taste their famous sausages and cheese.

Day 5
– Tour to the Curonian Spit National Park. Curonian Spit National Park was established in 1987. It is the most famous tourist attraction in the Kaliningrad Oblast, a unique nature monument included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Among the attractions of the National park, the most notable is the natural phenomenon known as the Dancing Forest on Curonian Spit.
– You will go up to the viewing platform on Dune Efa to enjoy the natural surroundings and take vibrant photos.
During this tour, if you wish we can also provide you with a visit to the Museum of the National Park and the Museum of Russian Superstitions.
You will also have a meal of fish in the restaurant.
After all the fun, we will go back to the hotel.

Day 6
– In the morning you will take a tour of the former towns of Gumbinnen and Insterburg, the current Gusev and Chernyakhovsk. These cities have survived the Napoleonic war era. There are many monuments from that period. You have a unique opportunity to see a house where Napoleon stayed. You will visit Insterburg Church, now St. Michael’s Cathedral and Georgenburg Stud Farm. During the Stud Farm tour, you will see the horse-breeding museum and learn all the secrets of breeding the finest horses.
In Gusev, formerly Gumbinnen, you will visit the Ivanov Museum of History and Local Lore, one of the greatest museums in the Kaliningrad Oblast. In a vintage tailor shop you will have a chance to have your picture taken in the dress of a Gumbinnen citizen from the previous century.

Day 7
You will go on a sightseeing tour in Kaliningrad, visiting the main attractions. During the trip you can take colorful pictures. You will get to see the unique images of the city, where various eras from the Middle Ages to the modern times have intertwined. You will learn the history of the city and about the building of the Königsberg Castle, walk around the Kneiphof island and see the famous symbol of Kaliningrad – the Königsberg Cathedral. You will pass the gates through which Prussian kings entered Königsberg, and visit the only Amber Museum in the country.

Day 8
– You have to check out before 12 p.m. Today is a totally free day. You can walk around the city by yourself, take a second look at things that impressed you, or buy souvenirs for yourself and your family.

Bon voyage!