St.Petersburg-Peterhof-Tsarskoye Selo-Kronshtadt (Monday-Monday)

The duration of the tour is 8 days and 7 nights.

Tour program:


Day 1 Monday

Welcome to the capital of the North.

You will have to get to the hotel by yourself. If you would like us to organize a transfer service for you, you should inform us in advance. From the morning until 1:PM you may meet with the managers of our company in the common room, ask questions to learn more about the tour, and purchase additional tours if you wish.

At 1:PM you  will be picked up by a bus for the city tour. This will include a stop at the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is Petropavlovsk fortress where St.Petersburg got its start. It was Peter the first who founded the city on Hare’s Island, where the fortress is. You can visit museums on the fortress grounds. There is also an opportunity to go up to the viewing platform, take a walk around the fortress and enjoy the view of the city center.

Afterwards we’re going to come back to the hotel. Free time

Day 2

After having breakfast in the hotel, a guide will be waiting for you in the common room, who will guide you to Peterhof. Peterhof used to be a summer camp for tsars, and there are 150 fountains in the palace grounds. The major structure of Down Park is the Grand Cascade, with the Samson fountain; The fountains work from the beginning of May till mid-September, and opening and closing of the fountains is a real, very colorful show. While enjoying views of the Gulf of Finland, we head back to St.Petersburg.

Back to your hotel. Free time.


Day 3

In the morning you’re welcome to have breakfast in the hotel. Right after breakfast, we will head out on a unique tour by bus, which will help you get to know the “miraculous” sites of the city. The sites of power and the fulfillment of desires. And if you follow all the necessary steps in these special places, which your guide will tell you all about, your dreams will surely come true. Many citizens who actually live in this city are still not aware of these special places.

The next destination is the heart of the city – Palace Square. Here you can capture a panorama of the major square of the city, a snapshot against the backdrop of the Winter Palace–the Hermitage. It is impossible to go through all of the Hermitage, even within a whole day. It would take you a week to look at each exhibit item. But a few hours would be enough to feel the spirit of this great museum. After lots of sightseeing, we will come back the hotel.



In the morning your breakfast will be waiting for you. We will leave for Tsarskoye Selo for the whole day, a great residence of  Russian emperors and empresses and also the place of inspiration for Russian poets. The world renown poet Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin resided in this city. He spent his childhood, youth and part of his poetic life there.

Here you will visit Catherine Palace, with its famous amber chamber. And on the palace grounds you’ll going to be amused by squirrels. You’ll be able to feed them with nuts from your hand.

Return to your hotel.


Day 5

You have your breakfast in the hotel. Right after breakfast, as usual, you’re going to meet the guide and head to the Russian Museum. The Russian Museum is the largest collection of Russian art in the world. It is situated in the cental part of St.Petersburg. Along with the Tretyakov Gallery it is the largest collection created by Russian masters of art. In this former grand-ducal palace icons, paintings, sculptures are kept.


Free time in the center of the city. Take a walk. Buy some keepsakes.


Day 6

After breakfast you are going to be picked up by a bus to head to a municipal town of the Russian Silent Service –Kronshtadt. The way to this small town stretches through the Gulf of Finland along the famous Sankt-Petersburg Dam. We expect to have a highlight tour, after which we will head immediately to the Naval Cathedral, which is similar in appearance with the temples of Byzantine Empire.

Return to St.Petersburg.  Free time.


Day 7

Breakfast is served in your hotel. We’ll have another  interesting tour, in which you will find out about the  patron saints of St.Petersburg and about the life of St.Petersburg’s saints: about the Holy Trinity, the Apostles Peter and Paul, for which the city is named, about the blessed knyazh Aleksandr Nevsky, and about his power together with the Mother of God of Kazan, which was part of the foundation of the city by Peter the first, about the blessed Ksenia, about the righteous Father John of Kronshtadt, and about the martyrs of the emperor Nicholas II and his family. We are going to visit the chapel of Saint Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg. It’s visited annually by thousands of pilgrims.

After taking in all of this new information, we will return to the hotel.


Day 8, Monday again, the last day in the capital of the North.

Breakfast is served in the morning. Then it’s hotel check out. You load your belongings into the bus, after which we head to Moscow railway station, for you to hand your luggage into storage.

The last tour that you can expect to have is called “Alexander II – a fortune of a great reformer”. We are going to visit the Church of the Spilled Blood. It is a unique monument, the interior of which is mosaic. Everyone should see this masterpiece with their own eyes once in their life.

Free time. You can take a walk in the center of the city.

Don’t miss your train(plane). Happy travels!