6 days/5 nights
Tour program:

Day 1

On arrival you will be met at the airport and transported to the hotel by bus.
Hotel check in will be after 2:00 pm.
After check in we will go on a sightseeing excursion of Russia’s capital, Moscow, on a tourist bus.
The main sights will be brought to your attention. Of course, these include the famous Red Square itself and other no less significant tourist sights. From the Sparrow Hills observation platform you can enjoy a panorama of the city. You will see the most popular skyscrapers of Moscow City. The whole excursion will take 7 hours.
Then you will be brought to the hotel, where you will have a free evening.

Day 2

In the morning you will have breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Then, we will go on a walking excursion around the city. The guide will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby.
You will go on a tour of the central subway stations in Moscow. This is a unique chance to listen to the story about the Moscow Subway, see its magnificence and get to know some Russian history.
After leaving the subway on Okhotny Ryad station we will go to the city center. The excursion will include the Red Square and surrounding sights. You also will visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. There, you will have a chance to climb to the observation platform of the Cathedral, which has a great view of the whole city center. You’ll be able to take photos for memories.
We will then go on a tour of the Moscow Kremlin (grounds + cathedral). The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site includes the Armory Chamber and the architectural complex of the Cathedral Square, consisting of the Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation cathedrals, the Church of Laying Our Lady’s Holy Robe, the Patriarch’s Palace, and the Ivan the Great Bell tower, as well as the exhibition halls in the Assumption Belfry and in the Patriarch’s Palace.
After this you can return to the hotel on your own and have some free time.
The whole excursion will take 5 hours.

Day 3

In the morning you will have breakfast in the hotel. Then you will check-out. You will meet the guide in the hotel lobby, and the last day of sightseeing in the capital of Russia will start.
You will go on an tour of the Tretyakov Gallery, a very important monument in Russian history. The Tretyakov Gallery is the best known art museum in the capital, and was founded by a merchant, Pavel Tretyakov, in 1856. Today it is a large state institution of culture that includes a number of museums, the main of which is still the museum complex on Lavrushinsky Lane.
Then you will visit the Kolomenskoye estate museum with a tour of The Palace of the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. The Palace is fully restored in its original fashion based on surviving documents and contemporary reports.
After that you will walk around the park and then head to the railway station.
In the evening you will go by train to Saint Petersburg from Leningradsky railway station.
The whole excursion and train ride will take 10 hours.

Day 4

You will be met at the railway station of Saint Petersburg.
You will immediately embark a sightseeing excursion of the city where you will see the city center and architectural monuments. You will get to know the history of Saint Petersburg’s founding, and walk through the city center, seeing the Spit of Vasilievsky Island, Palace Square, Senate Square, Saint Isaac’s Square, Nevsky Prospect, and Smolny Cathedral. We will stop near the Ancient Sphinxes at The Universitetskaya Embankment.
An excursion of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, the architect Montferrand’s great creation. Today Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is the biggest Orthodox temple in Saint Petersburg and one of the tallest dome buildings in the world. Its history started in 1710 when the wooden church was constructed in the honor of Byzantine saint Isaac of Dalmatia, whose day of remembrance coincides with the birthday of Peter the Great.
You will also have a chance to climb to the observation platform of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.
You will visit Kazan Cathedral as well, where the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Kazan is located. Designed by the architect A. Voronikhin, The Orthodox cathedral is set in the very center of the city. The cathedral’s facade looks out on Nevsky Prospect and Griboyedov Canal. This is one of the largest buildings in the Northern Capital. It is is 234.6 ft tall. Every year thousands of tourists visit it.
In summer you will also travel down the rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg on a motor boat. Not without reason this city is called “The Venice of the North”. You will see the main decorations of the rivers and canals, including sculpted fences and bridges, embankments, and the beautiful facades of the city’s historical buildings. The guide will tell you the whole history of the city on Neva during the trip. He will introduce you to famous people who gained a foothold in history. He will also tell you about their achievements and business in the city.
At the end of the excursion we will head to the hotel. We will check-in and have free time.
All transportation around the city is on a tourist bus with a guide. It will all take 6 hours.

Day 5

In the morning you will have breakfast in the hotel. It will be a buffet.
Then you will have a suburban excursion to one the most known Saint Petersburg’s suburbs, Peterhof.
You will get to know the history of Old Peterhof Road, which runs along the south coast of the Gulf of Finland alongside a multitude of ancient parks, princely estates and churches.
You will go on an excursion to the fountains of the Lower Gardens. There are about 150 fountains in a park area of 134.5 yd². The main fountain of the Lower Gardens is The Grand Cascade, with the Samson Fountain in front of it. The Grand Cascade transforms into a canal with an alley of fountains which runs to the gulf.
It’s possible to take additional excursions:
to the Grand Palace or to one of the small palaces (Monplaisir, Hermitage, Catherine Block and others).
After that we will head back to the city where you will have free time.
The whole excursion will take 6 hours.

Day 6

In the morning you will have breakfast in the hotel again.
The you will meet the guide after check-out.
You will have the last suburban bus excursion, “Tsarskoye Selo the muse town”. This was the marvelous residence of Russian emperors and empresses and the place of inspiration for Russian poets. Back in the old days the famous poet Alexander Pushkin lived here. He spent his childhood, youth and some part of life as a poet in this place.
Visit the Catherine Palace. The Catherine Palace in Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) is dazzling with its splendor and grandeur. You will delight in the brilliance of the world-famous Amber Room. The gleam of amber makes you feel incredibly like you’re on the Sun. Not for nothing is the chamber known as the Eighth Wonder of the World!
The excursion will end here and you will go home.
We will organize your transfer to the airport (or to the railway station).
Have a safe trip back home!!
The whole excursion will take 6 hours.