5 days/4 nights


Excursion program:

Day 1

Upon your arrival the bus will meet you at the airport.

-The bus will take you to the inn. Check in (take notice that you have to check out of the inn before 12p.m., and check in is available after 2 p.m.)

-After check in, the bus will come to take you on a Moscow city tour. We will get acquainted with the main sights of the capital. This includes the prominent Red Square and other no less significant and popular city squares.

– Return to the inn. Free time.

The excursion lasts 7 hours.


Day 2

-In the morning breakfast is available

-After breakfast, a tour bus will pick you up, and take you to Vladimir town.

-On your way the guide will give you a short history of the town and the itinerary for the tour.

-Upon arrival the tour will begin: we will see the Golden Gate, government buildings, the Nobiliary street, and also will enjoy a beautiful panorama of Klyazma river from an observation deck, where you can take photos of the wonderful views.

-We will observe the Dmitrievsky Cathedral, built in the style of a Byzantine temple, topped with a golden dome and an openwork cross made from slotted gilt copper with a dove-shaped vane.

-We will visit the Assumption Cathedral, which is justifiably considered to be one of the most significant of Vladimir’s churches, and long ago became an obligatory part of any tour. It was constructed for to guard the Virgin of Vladimir icon, which has been believed for centuries to be the Russ patroness. According to legend the icon was painted during the life of the Mother of God, and given to Constantinople in 450. Is remained there till the 20th century, then was sent as a gift to Kiev ruler Yriy Dolgorukiy.

-Visit to the Bogolyubsky female Monastery. Walk around the sanctuary meadow to the Church of the Intercession on the Ner.

– we then continue to Suzdal.

-In Suzdal we will check in at the inn.

The total excursion duration is 14 hours.


Day 3

-In the morning you will have breakfast at the inn, and then will leave your rooms and go on an excursion around the town.

Suzdal – a town of tremendous beauty and a rare harmony of picturesque surrounding views and ancient majestic monasteries, temples, and antique wooden houses.

The town tour. Walk around the historical town center. You will have an opportunity to go up to the “squalid mountains” observation deck, and admire a panorama of the town.

-Excursion around the wooden architecture museum grounds. This is a rare collection of genuine Russian wooden buildings.

– You will admire the Suzdal Kremlin – the most ancient Suzdal sight.

– You will visit the grandiose Crusade with a central square with an area of 330 square meters! Here the most unusual treasures from the local monasteries and churches are kept, which we will get to see.

-You will visit the male Monastery of Saint Euthymius. It was built in Suzdal in the middle of the 14th century as a defense construction.  Its strong walls still stand today, and with them the whole construction complex, which will intrigue any tourist.

-We also won’t miss the female convent of the Pokrovsky Cathedral.

-After the excursion we will go back to Moscow.

-Around 10 p.m. we will arrive at the inn.

The whole excursion will last 14 hours.


Day 4 (walking)

-In the morning you will have breakfast at the inn. After breakfast, the guide will be waiting for you to take a walk around the city center.

-We will go by underground to Ohotny ryd Station. From there, we will go to the world-famous Red Square. Aside from the Red Square we will cover other Moscow center sights. We will go up to the observation deck of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

-The visit to Moscow Kremlin. The state historical and cultural “Moscow-Kremlin” Museum-Preserve includes an Armoury Chamber and architectural Cathedral Square ensemble, which consists of the Assumption, Archangel, and Annunciation Cathedrals, the Arrangement church, Patriarch’s Palace, “Ivan the Great” belfry, and also exhibition halls in the Assumption belfry and Patriarch’s Palace.

You will have a chance to visit the Armoury Chamber.

-Next we will walk along the Zamoskvoretsky Bridge to the Tretiakov Gallery.

This is a significant monument of Russian history. The Tretyakov Gallery is the most famous art museum in the capital, founded by Pavel Tretyakov, a merchant, in 1856. Today it is a major state institution of culture, which consists of a few museums, the most prominent of which is the museum complex on Lavrushinsky Lane.

-After the museum, you will be able to return to the inn on your own and have free time.

The excursion will last 7 hours.


Day 5

-In the morning you will have breakfast at the inn restaurant. After that you will check out of your rooms and leave.

-The guide will be waiting for you in the inn hall.

-You will get help loading your staff on the bus, and then you will take a the walking excursion around the Moscow underground.

-There are 196 stations in the Moscow underground, 44 of which are considered to be cultural heritage sights, and each station is totally unique. You will have a unique opportunity to hear the story about the Moscow underground, see its gorgeous stations and indulge in Russian history. At the Arbat station we will leave the underground city and will set out on the Old Arbat excursion.

-Arbat is not a monument frozen in stone, Arbat is a live and uninterrupted Russian history. The fates of numerous characters from the literature of the works of national authors are connected with Arbat.

On the way to the Smolenskaya Square you will have a chance to buy souvenirs for your nearest and dearest.

-Next, you will take a bus to the airport.

The total excursion lasts 7 hours.