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Vacationing In Anapa.

A dozen resort cities, surrounded by mountains, cable cars, vineyards and wild creeks, were set up in the south of Russia. All of this has piqued the interest of tourists for many years. The Black Sea is one of the most famous places in the everyday life of a Russian tourist. Sochi, Adler, Gelendzhik and Anapa are the most popular resort cities near the Black Sea, because the beauty of Kuban and Novorossiysk is the most eye-catching. 

Half of the Russian population visited Anapa in the summer of 2017. The city, called ‘Childhood republic’, draws the attention of tourists. This is because the city contained a great variety of pioneers’ camps. Children still go to the modern summer camps, but tourism is earmarked as the primary revenue earner.

Everything in Anapa is set up for tourists, of course, but only in the summer, because in winter, unlike Sochi, it is nice and quiet.

Accommodation in Anapa

Your budget is completely dependent on your preferences. The prices here range from very low to the highest of the high. For example, kebab costs just 150 rubles in a street warung, which is rather cheap. However, if you want to enjoy life at a promenade restaurant, you will need an extra cash, because on average a bill for two can be as high as 2000, sometimes even 3000 rubles.

This is pretty much the same with accommodation. If you are not an arachnophobe, and not really whimsical, you can book a room for 1000 rubles per day. But again, if you fancy good European service, well, you will be a bit disappointed. Russian hotels owners make their rooms rather pricey, an average room in a good hotel can cost 5,000, 8,000, or even 10,000 rubles per day. Not every tourist can afford them, that is why such hotels put loads of money into ads, and yet stay unreserved. The most profitable here are guesthouses, and not owned by men-in-suits. Mostly these are small 5-6 room houses with a backyard, rented by families or lonely tourists. The price depends on the location and its distance to the sea or the city center.

Since we’ve now made our choice of cuisine and where to stay, should we now talk about places to visit?

Beaches of Anapa

After settling down, the sea is the first thing to see.  There is a large amount of beaches, both sand and pebble.  The hottest is the Central City Beach, which his literally swarming with tourists. Your kid will love it, because it is sandy and has loads of slides, bananas, and entertainers. However, if you crave some peace and quiet, City Beach is not for you. Noisy stallholders can actually frighten newcomers.

The next stop for you would be the “Visoky Bereg” beach, divided into two sections by various umbrellas. Everything is much quieter here, the water is clearer, but this is actually a small pebble beach. A wooden sunbed will cost just 150 rubles for the whole day, which is rather cheap, unlike at the City beach, where a standard sunbed costs up to 100 rubles per hour and 400 rubles for the whole day. Here tourists buy snacks in nearby cafes and stalls. Smoked mackerel, various dried and smoked fish, shrimp on ice and small boiled crawfish, washed down with a draft beer, are the hottest here.

Getting Around Anapa

We highly recommend you get around in a car with navigation installed, because the whole city is filled with one-way streets and signs telling you that your car will be towed if you park in the wrong spot. Still, driving a car is extremely comfortable. In addition, you can rent a car right at the airport. If you have forgotten, well, it is not a problem. The rental fee depends on your preferences. So, if you are traveling alone, and don’t mind a mini two-seater, a week’s rental will cost 1,200 rubles, with 5,000 in deposit. In the case of a family outing, a seven-seater will cost 4,000 per week, and deposit is the same.

Why is driving a car so much more comfortable?

Actually, there are guides just wandering around the city, suggesting various awesome locations to visit near Anapa. The rather high price of these guides, along with the heat, crowds, and undesirable times encourage tourists to rent cars and travel 30-50 km away, just to look at amazing, wild and thrilling places.

Which places?

Lake Sukko

Lake Sukko Anapa Russia

This lake is often called Cypress.

Located near Anapa in the township of the same name. The lake is just at on its outskirts.

There are several guesses about the origin of its name. According to the Adygei language, it means ‘boars’ pond’. There are also variants like ‘sea pig’, where ‘su’ is water, and ‘kko’ is a pig or a dolphin.

The highlight of the lake are its marsh cypresses, growing straight up from the water. It is still impossible to say how 32 cypresses appeared here – these trees usually grow in North America. It is believed they were brought to Kuban as an experiment in the 30s of the 20th century, and actually assimilated there. You need to walk along the shore to the lake’s opposite end to see them.  From the beach location, it is hard to see the cypresses with your eyes alone.


Bolshoi Utrish

Bolshoi Utrish Anapa
Bolshoi Utrish Russia

This is a place where the boundaries of reality are erased, with relic forests, dolphins, mountains and air. And, if you are willing, there is also a nude beach.

We consider Utrish the wildlife sanctuary in the Krasnodar area. Actually, the Caucasian mountains begin here, the slopes of which are covered with relic forests from the Tertiary period: junipers, pistachios, scumia, oak, hornbeam. The age of the trees varies from several hundred to thousands of years old.




If you don’t really want to leave the boundaries of Anapa, you can appreciate its lighthouse.

lighthouse Anapa Russia

The first Anapa lighthouse was set up on 14 July 1898. At that time near the edge of high shore there was an earthen hill - the remains of an ancient mound. The lighthouse was established on that platform. The first day the lighthouse brightened the paths of ships was 20 October 1909.


Dolphinariums and Aqua parks

There are a large amount of dolphins in Anapa. You can see at them, both offshore and in the dolphinariums. By the way, dolphins can learn many incredible tricks, entertaining the audience, which comes 5 times per day. A ticket costs about 800 rubles, and it is free for children. There are about 5 dolphinariums in Anapa.

Do you like slides? Anapa is definitely a place to visit, because it is the place where the biggest aqua parks in Russia are located.

Anapa aqua slides
Dolphinarium Anapa

A vacation in Anapa can be exciting, extreme, peaceful and rousing, but never boring!

Ivanova Yuliya.

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Vacationing In Anapa. Russia
Vacationing In Anapa. Russia

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    I love the natural beauty of Lake Sukko! Looks amazing. I’ve heard good things about Anapa from my mum and grandma who both visited when they were younger. Thanks for sharing

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    The origin of the name Anapa seams to describe this place quite well. I love your fall picture with the beautiful colours. It’s easy to imagine the boar coming around the corner in a few seconds.

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